Kaitlyn Craig
Memorial Fund

Kaitlyn was passionate about her work with YFCHL,  as well as her involvement with our California Breakaway trip.  These two programs have an amazing connection.  Over the years, we have been trying to find sponsors so that deserving YFCHL kids could experience Calbreak. A majority of our YFCHL kids come from under resourced family situations, and this trip would not be possible without a subsidy.  We have established some criteria for any YFCHL student who wishes to apply for funding: they must be in their Gr 12 year, and they must be maintaining solid grades and regular class attendance. 

Kaitlyn loved both Calbreak and YFCHL, and she saw first hand how this trip has transformed the lives of the YFCHL kids who have been given the opportunity to go.  The Kaitlyn Craig Memorial Fund will allow additional funding for deserving YFCHL kids to be part of this life changing experience. The average cost for a YFCHL kid to go on Calbreak is $1799.  Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be set aside for this specific purpose.